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Now: When Personal Technology and Health Fitness Collide

For years the concept of healthcare technology revolved around giant companies purchasing expensive commercial equipment, ocean-deep research and development funding by Fortune 500’s (Pfizer, for example, plans to spend $6 billion in R&D in 2012) and weird niche gadgets that only a few people knew about.

Welcome to today, where technology applications are brought to us consumers in waves. Virtually all aspects of our lives can be monitored or complimented by technology, and with that comes a daunting responsibility – to utilize our available resources to the utmost potential, all the while maintaining a healthy balance of information and care-free living.

This site will revolve around the intersection of health fitness and personal technology, because at no other time in our history have we had the ability to leverage such a unique platform of data-driven, socially interactive, and relatively fun & easy applications.

We’ll also try to throw in some random pointers how to let technology work for you, so that you have more free time to be human.

Enjoy, comment or get in touch with us.






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