Erik "Melvin" SchneiderMelvin is a 24-year-old SEM Project Manager living in Los Angeles, CA. Hobbies include developing WordPress blogs, dominating in FIFA on Xbox, and taking his dog (suspiciously also named Melvin) to the dog park.

Top 3 Loves: Technology-boners, macaroni and cheese, and The Office.

Top 3 Fears: Being inadequate, Black bears, and Grizzly bears (in order of lowest fear to highest)

Favorite Childhood Memory: Lighting farts with the bunsen-burner in High School.


Lloyd is a 27 year old business consultant and technology entrepreneur. He enjoys classic rock, some stress, and hiking with his dog Nali. He currently lives in Butte Creek, CA.

Top 3 Loves: logistics, spicy food and July 4th

Top 3 Fears: crickets, being late and these guys

Favorite Childhood Memory: Pouring jalapeno juice into the bunsen-burners at school, and then sprinkling some salt and pepper on all the rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.

 The following is both Lloyd and Melvin’s most memorable sports moment of the last decade. The short of it…we try and live our lives like he does….with no regrets.




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