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Project Engage: How ACT uses Technology to put Political Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Project Engage is a civic engagement platform (see below) that aims to help restore democracy via 21st century technology. It will be funded, developed and used by citizens just like you and me. WeGotWorms supports this initiative undoubtedly and urges you to consider doing the same. Thanks for reading and/or watching. 





************Excerpt taken from the American Civix Technologies web site, in support of Project Engage.

Regardless of political beliefs, everyone can agree our government can be pretty frustrating these days, right? Gridlock, corruption, partisanship… you name it, our government has it. A democracy only works if people can participate and have a voice, a dialogue with their leaders. You would think that we had this covered in the 21st century, yet, we’re just not seeing that in America. We’re seeing a country where the individual has lost his/her voice and will to participate because of so many issues. And we think that’s a problem. Read More…

Fiverr: Rise of the Micro Job Sites

Ok, so maybe we’re a little late to the game. But I have noticed quite a few of these micro job sites popping up all over. Generally, each “gig”, or job, is worth $5.

How it Works

  1. You go to a micro-job/gig site like
  2. On the right hand side, there will be a list of categories containing various gigs. This is probably the best way to get familiar with the kinds of gigs offered on a site, as each one takes on a different niche job market.  Read More…

2050: It was called Facebook, and I was an Early Adopter

We all have Facebook…oh, you don’t? Good for you, rebel! Anyways, if you have Facebook it may be of interest to know whether or not you were an early adopter, fast follower, or a sheep in the herd. Whether FB is governing the world in 2050 or not, we’ll be talking about it to our grandkids the same way my grandfather brags about how he used a slinky in 1944, just one year after it was invented.

Facebook was launched in early 2004 at Harvard, and quickly was picked up by a majority of the student population. It then expanded to other top-notch East Coast schools, plus Stanford, and then steamrolled its way westward.

So the question is, with 1 billion active users today, where in the timeline did you jump in?  Read More…

Office Pranks Express


Rarely is the question asked ‘is our children learning?’

Alas, an evolving list of some great office pranks.



November 5, 2012


October 29, 2012











October 22, 2012

Frozen Desktop: One of the most classic of office pranks, all this trick requires is an unprotected computer and a few minutes. Simply minimize all windows, and click the Print Screen key. Paste that into any editing program (ie: Paint) and then save the file. Now you can set that file as the desktop background. Next thing to do is hide the actual icons on the screen by right clicking, hovering over Align By, and then unchecking Show Desktop Icons.

October 15, 2012


Helpful Tips for Google’s New Gmail Compose Feature

Google has rolled out the new Gmail Compose feature. Now, instead of clicking Compose/Reply and jumping to a new page, the Compose/Reply area will pop up in the bottom right of your screen.

It functions just like a chat box – you can minimize it, pop it out, or leave it in the corner.
You can even open up multiple compose/reply boxes; the limit is Read More…

How to Find a Business Analyst Job

Google, find me a business analyst job in Los Angeles.

Sure thing, pal…here’s 19 million results. Good luck.

F*ck you, Google.

We’ve discussed how to leverage LinkedIn in order to help your job search.  It’s always helpful to navigate through your own network first in order to refine your search. But let’s say you have a generic major, and you’re still at a crossroads for where to go.

Let us try and help. If you’re reading this blog, then I’ll make a few assumptions about you:

  1. You can’t read. This is good for you because we have terrible content. You’re probably here to search the awesome images we post. Continue on…
  2. You have an interest in technology
  3. You’re a gold-digging cougar hoping to brush up on your tech talk so you can snag a date with some stud like Melvin or Lloyd

That being said, here are our suggestions.

Read More…

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