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Analyze a Domain with Ahrefs

Many of the tools we use for SEO research are invaluable and helpful — but they’re also costly. For example, the SEOmoz toolset costs $99/month, but it’s usefulness might merit such a price tag. Never the less, there is one free tool out there worth taking a look at and using. The tool can be found at Here’s not only how to analyze a domain with Ahrefs, but what to take away from the data:

Searching with Ahrefs

Below is a snapshot of what the main page looks like. Make sure to input your domain or the domain you’d like to analyze into the field with or without the “www”.

Searching with Ahrefs

In our case, we do not have the “www” in front of our domain, most likely because we’re cool like that.

Analyze a Domain with Ahrefs

The top portion of this section describes the kinds of links that you are receiving. On the left, what type, meaning text, image, video, etc. DoFollow links are links that are specified to tell the search engines, “yes, follow this link and pass on any link juice I give it/receive from it”. NoFollow links are links that are not “supposed” to count towards search engine rankings. To be honest, I have no idea what “Not Sitewide” is.

Analyze a Domain with Ahrefs


The distributions above tell us where along the curve are the links ranked. The Y-axis is essentially page-rank, while the X-axis reflects domain authority (for you OpenSite Explorer folks).

Ahrefs TLD Distribution

The above chart shows you what top-level domains you are receiving links from the most. .EDU and .GOV are the best. You can see we’ve been pretty diligent about getting those links.

Ahrefs Backlinks

And finally, here you see a graph of your backlinks over time. One thing I really enjoy about this tool is how up to date it is. Even if it isn’t 100% accurate, it still helps me get an idea what links I’m gaining and losing for a the last week or so. Anyway, the green line shows you the number of links gained, and the orange one how many links you’ve lost. This is one of the more important charts to look at as this gives you a macro view of where the domain stands from a link perspective.

With the use of free tools like Ahrefs, you can analyze any domain and get a good, albeit rough, idea of where the domain sits on the spectrum of domain authority.

Have questions? Leave a comment, we’re more than happy to help.

Fiverr: Rise of the Micro Job Sites

Ok, so maybe we’re a little late to the game. But I have noticed quite a few of these micro job sites popping up all over. Generally, each “gig”, or job, is worth $5.

How it Works

  1. You go to a micro-job/gig site like
  2. On the right hand side, there will be a list of categories containing various gigs. This is probably the best way to get familiar with the kinds of gigs offered on a site, as each one takes on a different niche job market.  Read More…

Helpful Tips for Google’s New Gmail Compose Feature

Google has rolled out the new Gmail Compose feature. Now, instead of clicking Compose/Reply and jumping to a new page, the Compose/Reply area will pop up in the bottom right of your screen.

It functions just like a chat box – you can minimize it, pop it out, or leave it in the corner.
You can even open up multiple compose/reply boxes; the limit is Read More…

Google SEO Update: Link Disavow Tool and the End of Modern SEO

Link Disavow Tool

If you follow SEO news at all, you know that Google just recently released their much anticipated link Disavow Tool. And it even sounds sinister. Disavow.


With this news also comes the news that SEO as we know it might be over. I’m not inferring that the industry will die and the thousands of SEO agencies will crash and burn into obselescence. What I am saying is amidst the chaos that Penguin and this Disavow Tool have caused, SEO will begin to shift to a more social and less spammy paradigm. Whether or not the 1000’s of SEO agencies make the transition or not, is up to how resilient our denial is.

Read More…

Macaulay Culkin has made the list of Top Search Queries for SWS

Melvin and I always knew we were special, but after Google Analytics showed us the top search queries for this site, we realized we’re so much more special than we ever thought.

Here are the top search queries that drove people to our site (we’re just so gosh darn proud and appreciative of our readership community):

 #5 swordfish computer

nothing to be ashamed of when people associate any Hugh Jackman+Halle Berry+John Travolta film with your site, let alone one in which Hugh hacks the mainframe with a gun to his head and a blonde in his crotch



#4 sweet ass

not too sure where this comes from, or where it’s going



#3 richie rich logo

we’re proud of this one, and for too many reasons to list. just look at that pic and try not to smile as you nod your head in approval at his face…



#2 office pranks

perhaps the most relative term on our site…btw, Melvin drinks his own pee. Not true, it was once, and Lloyd told me it was my favorite brand of low-sugar apple juice. Why I thought my favorite brand of apple juice would have been poured into the toilet for later consumption, I dont know. Don’t judge me, the Pabst Blue Ribbon was flowing that night like the salmon of Capistrano. [ChrisFarley]HORSE’S ASS!!![/ChrisFarley].



#1 fear boners

our new band name




Here’s a quick step by step on how to view this.

First things first, install Google Analytics if you haven’t. It’s a must. Next, you’ll need to install Webmaster Tools.


Then it’s simple, just go to the left navigation bar.

Click Traffic Sources >> Search Engine Optimization >> Queries

View the list of top search queries, complete with Number of Impressions, Clicks, Average Position, and the Click Through Rate (CTR) percentage.





And then be enlightened by the information Google gets for you.

We are, once again, so proud of the SWS Community.

Cheers to being awesome.

Cheers again.

And again.

How to Use Bitly

There comes a time where you have the most legit Tweet you could possibly imagine. Everything’s perfect; it’s catchy, easy to read, funny, and within the 140 character limit. However, you want to post the URL to that picture, but it would put you over the character limit. Enter, Bitly. This is how to use bitly.

How Does Bitly Work? uses what’s called a 301 redirect. It’s the most efficient method for redirection. A great explanation of how redirects work was found at StackOverFlow. User, Abel, described the process as so:

No, they don’t use files. When you click on a [shortened] link, an HTTP request is sent to there server with the full URL, like (not a real one). They read the path part (here duSk8wK), which maps to their database. In the database, they find a description (sometimes), your name (sometimes) and the real URL. Then they issue a redirect, which is a HTTP 301 response and the target URL in the header.

This direct redirect is important. If you were to use files or first load HTML and then redirect, the browser would add TinyUrl to the history, which is not what you want. Also, the site that is redirected to, will see that referrer (the site that you originally come from) as being the site the TinyUrl link is on (i.e.,, or your own site, wherever the link is). This is just as important, so that site owners can see where people are coming from. This too, would not work if a page gets loaded that redirects.

How to Shorten a Link with Bitly

After signing up with, you should be redirected to your home dashboard. In the upper right, you’ll see a text field that looks like this:

how to use bitly

For manual link shortening, simply paste the original link in the text field and press enter. You will then be displayed the new link, that can then be used for Twitter, Facebook, shits n giggles, etc.


If you’re looking to promote your blog on Twitter, and want to do so automatically every time you publish a post, the following is for you:

  1. Go to your WordPress plugin page. Add new. Search for “WP to Twitter”. Install and activate. 
  2. (I’ll save configuration of other options for another post)
  3. If you scroll down, you’ll see a two input fields for’s services
Bitly options -- WP to Twitter





4. Go back to Bitly and your dashboard. Click your username at the top right, click Settings, then Advanced.

5. At the bottom, you’ll see “Legacy API Key”. I did it a while ago so I’m not sure what it says originally, but you’ll be pressing something like “Get my Key” or “Authorize”.

6. Once you have your API Key, you simply copy and paste it into the WP to Twitter config page and you’re done! Tweet away…



GoDaddy Coupon Codes

I wanted to write a quick post about something that’s helped me a lot in my internet endeavors. So if you’re like me, you purchase domain names. And if you’re like me, you use GoDaddy, despite their awful commercials. Regardless, there are a couple sites out there with pretty legit GoDaddy coupon codes. Here’s my list of the best:

  1. GoDaddy Coupon Codes
    — OK, so not the most aesthetically pleasing blogs. Shit, it ain’t Selfware. But, notwithstanding their sloppy design and upkeep, they do seem to stay very well updated on the latest GoDaddy Coupon Codes.
  2. GoDaddy Coupon Codes
    — A little more professional, more intuitive. Neat stats like average discount and also pretty decent social functions. Though, nothing quite says you’re cheap like a Facebook status of “JUST SAVED $0.30 on a 6.99 domain name!!! LOLZ”
  3. GoDaddy Coupon Codes
    — This site is if there’s a nuclear holocaust and all servers are down except this one. Still has some relatively updated codes, but use the first two if you’re serious about saving.

How to Enter GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Once you’ve browsed GoDaddy’s site and have found the domain you want. Simply click “Register” to begin the process. There should be about 4-5 steps, most all of them horse-pucky up-selling. If you manage to make it to the final checkout page, hold on for a second. You should see this in the middle-right of the page:
GoDaddy Coupon Code Checkout
Make sure you click “Enter Promo or Source Code” before you checkout. Simply copy/paste, and hit apply. You’ve officially saved marginal money.

“Is there an American male left who still goes to expecting to see a half-naked Danica Patrick? In a world filled with so much free Internet porn, why should we even care?” –Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

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