Fiverr: Rise of the Micro Job Sites

Ok, so maybe we’re a little late to the game. But I have noticed quite a few of these micro job sites popping up all over. Generally, each “gig”, or job, is worth $5.

How it Works

  1. You go to a micro-job/gig site like
  2. On the right hand side, there will be a list of categories containing various gigs. This is probably the best way to get familiar with the kinds of gigs offered on a site, as each one takes on a different niche job market. 
  3. Not finding what you’re looking for? Head to the search bar and be clear and concise in what you want. For ex: “facebook likes” or “professional video”.
  4. Once you find a gig you want to purchase, simply press the yellow order button at the top left of the gig, and go through the PayPal ordering system.
  5. Once you’ve paid for your gig, the seller is notified and you are asked to complete the order details (the specifics of your order).
  6. Pay attention to the estimated time to delivery. As a buyer, you need to know you can cancel the gig if it’s overdue. The whole idea of the site is fast delivery.

Tips for Buying on Micro-Job Sites

Whenever I search for a gig on Fiverr, I always sort by rating. So for whatever category or search phrase I’m looking at, I get the highest rated gig for that term.

Only purchase gigs that have a high number of positive reviews. I’d say any more than 10 negative reviews for ANY gig should be approached with extreme caution

Examples of Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr Examples


While you’re at it, check out my gig here: melvinhicks Gig - Fiverr