Google Glasses and Augmented Reality

I came across these Google Glasses for the first time today. It’s basically an augmented reality (AR) head-mounted-device (HMD). In the real world, these are called SAG’s, or “sweet-ass glasses”. Some more sweet ass wearables, (infographic provided by The possibilities that this technology holds seem endless.

With respect to health and fitness, imagine mapping a jog on the fly. Or, as a football player, run drills ANYWHERE without cones. All the while monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure on the top corner of your screen.

Project Glass, as it’s called at Google’s X Lab, might also not be the only player. Earlier this year, Apple filed a patent that they described as a, “display resolution increase with mechanical actuation.”


P.S. The idea of “wearable computers” was first toyed with when Edward O. Thorp created a device for increasing odds in roulette.