How to Install Google Webmaster Tools

First of all, if you don’t know what Webmaster Tools are, I suggest poking around this URL: to get yourself familiar.

If you have an idea what Google Webmaster Tools are, continue to read on. This is a tutorial for setting up said Webmaster Tools.

1. Get a domain and put some content on it. We suggest WordPress if you want a blog. For instructions on setting up WordPress REALLY easily, see this. For more information on getting a domain and server, see: setting up a server.

2. Navigate to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in 

Sign In


3. Towards the top right, you should see a button for “Add Site”.

Add Site

4. Enter the domain of the site that you would like to track. I personally don’t use http:// before any of my URLs, but that’s out of laziness more so than SEO ideology. Take it or leave it, it’s my body, I do what I wawnt.

Enter URL

5. This is where it gets tricky. Google requires you to verify ownership (for obvious reasons). I find that the easiest and safest way to do so is to choose the option of uploading a file to your server that Google can recognize.

Verify Site

*IMPORTANT* Read that last line, the file must STAY ON YOUR SERVER to continue using Google Webmaster Tools

If you use cPanel, you’ll follow these directions for uploading the file:

1. Login to your cPanel. It will be something like cpanel.YOURURL.

2. Navigate to the File Manager Icon: cPanel File Manager

3. On the navigation bar at the top of the file manager, click Upload: Upload File

4. Make sure you upload the file to the root of your domain. Meaning, don’t put it in a folder within your domain. You want the URL of the file to be…yourdomaindotcom/googlefile.html, NOT: yourdomaindotcom/files/googlefile.html

Upload Root

5. After uploading the file and giving the server a minute or two to refresh, click the Verify button back at the Google Webmaster Tools page. If successful, you should see the following:


I highly suggest first adding a sitemap to your Webmaster Tools account. This allows Google’s search engine bots to access and categorize your content more easily. It will also make sure that what you want indexed is indexed.

I’d make a post about Bing and Yahoo!’s webmaster tools, but spending that time singeing my chest hairs would be a more efficient use of that time. Happy Google Webmastering!