Helpful Tips for Google’s New Gmail Compose Feature

Google has rolled out the new Gmail Compose feature. Now, instead of clicking Compose/Reply and jumping to a new page, the Compose/Reply area will pop up in the bottom right of your screen.

It functions just like a chat box – you can minimize it, pop it out, or leave it in the corner.
You can even open up multiple compose/reply boxes; the limit is 3 open messages, although you can continue to click Compose/Reply and drafts will start to get saved to your drafts folder. All the while you’re free to check incoming mail, search and parse through old mail, or anything else within Gmail without exiting your draft message.


They’ve created this feature the same way they create most of their products: simplified and intuitive, yet functional to the nth degree.
You can do everything you could do with the standard Gmail Compose (or Reply [All]) – including formatting, attaching files, adding photos/links, emoticons and invitations. But you’re not bombarded with those options until you hover over the “+” sign.
Another helpful tip is that you can view the profile pictures of your contacts as you enter them into your Recipient field. And once you’ve added your recipient(s), simply drag & drop to the cc/bc field, or click x to delete them.
This feels way overdue for a company like Google, which has prided itself on simplicity, efficiency, and usability. Finally, we users have constant searchability even while drafting a new email. Better late than never, Uncle G.