How To Own Your Technology (and not the other way around)

Choose the Right Technology for You

Warren Buffet has a very simple way of picking the right investments: understand them first.

You may be shocked to hear that even as a good friend of Bill Gates, and being the savvy and prolific investor he is, Warren has never invested in Microsoft because he says he does not understand how the company works.

Just because you grew up with a smartphone, or get 10+ Likes for every picture you post on Facebook doesn’t mean you understand technology. I bet Warren has used Microsoft products for 3 decades, and still he has the humility to stay away from it, despite the potential gains he might have accumulated.

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Fortune Magazine (please don’t sue us)

If you understand how each piece of technology fits in to your life, then you’re halfway to every tech company’s dream – being a customer! But what’s more important is to understand why technology works for you, and whether it’s actually worth your time.

Establish your Limitations

If you ‘need’ any aspect of technology, then you’re already in the deep end. Try removing yourself from the grid for a few hours at a time – maybe even days if you’re crazy. The point is to own your technology. You be the master. Be cognizant of the real effects it has on you. Do you rely on technology so much you feel like you’re missing out? Are you accomplishing more during the day? Are you unhappy?

These seem like silly questions, but most of us are scared to admit what type of separation anxiety kicks in when we don’t get push alerts or have Words With Friends moves to play.

If you consciously attempt to control the time you spend on a connected device, you will help separate yourself from your virtual self, and heck, maybe go for a run or read a book. Try these tips  from Dave Boehi on how to establish your technology limitations.

Alert Your Friends

This is more of a courtesy rather than a rule, but it could save your mother  a heart attack when all of your closest friends text your mom ‘haven’t heard from Lloyd in like 7 minutes…is he ok?!?!’. This is not how to own your technology, this is technology owning you.

User Your Time Well

Drop the phone, the laptop and the tablet, and make sure to occupy your time with something relatively useful. You can proceed with your normal day, but do it 21st century Thoreau style – with no connectivity.

Pursue things you enjoy doing, and if the desire comes for any types of technology, you can be the judge on whether or not it’s worth it (I cannot get away from Evernote).

Most of the time technology speeds up our lives or makes them more efficient, but sometimes we need life to slow down to human pace to keep us happy.