Google SEO Update: Link Disavow Tool and the End of Modern SEO

Link Disavow Tool

If you follow SEO news at all, you know that Google just recently released their much anticipated link Disavow Tool. And it even sounds sinister. Disavow.


With this news also comes the news that SEO as we know it might be over. I’m not inferring that the industry will die and the thousands of SEO agencies will crash and burn into obselescence. What I am saying is amidst the chaos that Penguin and this Disavow Tool have caused, SEO will begin to shift to a more social and less spammy paradigm. Whether or not the 1000’s of SEO agencies make the transition or not, is up to how resilient our denial is.

This also means that the idea of “link building” is over too. Apart from the 1% of link building firms that actually do it right and are outrageously expensive ($5k/20 links), most all of the link building services one could buy on this interconnected web are dogsh!t. They’ve worked the past decade or so, succeeding in fooling Google and thus climbing higher in the rankings simply because they have more blog comments around the net. I have feeling these types of shenanigans are about to meet their maker.


Think about all the data Google will receive with this new link disavow tool. By cross referencing data, they’ll have a better idea of the sites that don’t provide real value. EX: If there’s 100 web masters in the whole world, and 60 of them say that is a link they don’t want; how well do you think Google will rank the next site to get a link from Or a link from a sister page or even a second-uncle page of Matt Cutts (Head of Webspam at Google) is essentially enlisting the webmaster community in doing the work he and his team are supposed to do. If you aren’t impressed with Google already, you should be.

Where to go from here

There’s little doubt among the SEO community that social has been playing a larger and larger role in the SERPs as of late. It makes sense. I think Google looks at social simply as a way for the 95% of people who don’t have their own domain to cast their “vote”, albeit a small one, to the Google ranking algorithm. With more and more people online, truly diverse data is now being collected and social networks are becoming more and more valuable to marketers and politicians alike, than ever before.

Soon, people will be ranked just like websites are. Prediction 2015: backlinks=social signals.

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