Office Pranks: Editing Received Mail in Microsoft Outlook

Office pranks are a huge part of my corporate career. Become a prank artist and suddenly the boredom and bureaucracy at work becomes the ultimate playground.

I find Microsoft Outlook to be a useful pranking tool, since most people have it open all day long, and there’s plenty of freedom to pull a variety of stunts. Here’s how to change the content of a received email.

Let’s say you receive this email from your manager (double click your message, or whatever shortcut you have to open your message in it’s own window):

Now click the Actions dropdown and select Edit Message (shortcut is Alt+H+A+E).

You can go into the message and edit it around.

Note: You can also edit a received message when you reply to a message that was sent to you. But the edited version of that email will only exist after you send your reply. This method allows you to edit and view an email that was sent to you, as if it was untouched and written by the original sender.

Close the window (it will prompt you to Save, so say Yes), or Save first and close.

Your inbox message will now show whatever edits you’ve made…suggestion below.


Legal disclaimer: Melvin (and to an extent, Lloyd) do not condone any illegal use of this prank. But if you happen to pull a hilarious prank, please let us know.