Project Engage: How ACT uses Technology to put Political Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Project Engage is a civic engagement platform (see below) that aims to help restore democracy via 21st century technology. It will be funded, developed and used by citizens just like you and me. WeGotWorms supports this initiative undoubtedly and urges you to consider doing the same. Thanks for reading and/or watching. 





************Excerpt taken from the American Civix Technologies web site, in support of Project Engage.

Regardless of political beliefs, everyone can agree our government can be pretty frustrating these days, right? Gridlock, corruption, partisanship… you name it, our government has it. A democracy only works if people can participate and have a voice, a dialogue with their leaders. You would think that we had this covered in the 21st century, yet, we’re just not seeing that in America. We’re seeing a country where the individual has lost his/her voice and will to participate because of so many issues. And we think that’s a problem.

So, at American Civix Technologies, we our personally committed to fixing this problem. We are dedicated to making it possible and easy for every American to be engaged in government by building technologies that can make a real difference. Our commitment to America as a low-profit, limited-liability company (L3C) is to:

To develop, manage, and deploy non-partisan civic engagement and feedback management technologies that maximizes the voice and power of individuals in relation to their government and other organizations.

We’re focused on building technologies that can make a real difference for people in interacting with their government. Make it simple, easy, and effective (and free), and the people will use it. You see, as a non-partisan low-profit organization, we put our social mission first. In fact, we pledge to commit about a third of any profit we do make to charitable and social causes. Call us crazy, but we like to think of it as just doing the right thing.At ACT, we hold a number of beliefs that drive our mission and drive our commitment to make a difference. We believe that:

    1. It is possible to have a government that is of all the people, by all the people, and for all the people once again
    2. The voice of every citizen is equal and critical to our success as a country and as an economy
    3. Each and every single voice counts regardless of how passionate or wealthy one is
    4. We can fundamentally change the way individuals interact with their elected officials and the world around them using simple non-partisan technology to make civic engagement easy
    5. It is each individual’s responsibility to be educated on the issues and participate in the conversation

American Civix Technologies, L3C is on a mission to change the world, starting right here at home. Our objective is simple: return the power to the people. In our government. In our organizations. And in our economy. It’s no easy task, but when people come together, extraordinary things can happen. We’re an organization that’s focused on making universal civic engagement and efficient feedback management a reality. We want to help America make things happen…

Our country may be going through tough times and democracy itself may be under attack at home and abroad, but we will come back. We can do this. We’re working to do everything we can to help make that happen at American Civix Technologies. Will you join us?