Analyze a Domain with Ahrefs

Many of the tools we use for SEO research are invaluable and helpful — but they’re also costly. For example, the SEOmoz toolset costs $99/month, but it’s usefulness might merit such a price tag. Never the less, there is one free tool out there worth taking a look at and using. The tool can be found at http://www.ahrefs.com. Here’s not only how to analyze a domain with Ahrefs, but what to take away from the data:

Searching with Ahrefs

Below is a snapshot of what the main page looks like. Make sure to input your domain or the domain you’d like to analyze into the field with or without the “www”.

Searching with Ahrefs

In our case, we do not have the “www” in front of our domain, most likely because we’re cool like that.

Analyze a Domain with Ahrefs

The top portion of this section describes the kinds of links that you are receiving. On the left, what type, meaning text, image, video, etc. DoFollow links are links that are specified to tell the search engines, “yes, follow this link and pass on any link juice I give it/receive from it”. NoFollow links are links that are not “supposed” to count towards search engine rankings. To be honest, I have no idea what “Not Sitewide” is.

Analyze a Domain with Ahrefs


The distributions above tell us where along the curve are the links ranked. The Y-axis is essentially page-rank, while the X-axis reflects domain authority (for you OpenSite Explorer folks).

Ahrefs TLD Distribution

The above chart shows you what top-level domains you are receiving links from the most. .EDU and .GOV are the best. You can see we’ve been pretty diligent about getting those links.

Ahrefs Backlinks

And finally, here you see a graph of your backlinks over time. One thing I really enjoy about this tool is how up to date it is. Even if it isn’t 100% accurate, it still helps me get an idea what links I’m gaining and losing for a the last week or so. Anyway, the green line shows you the number of links gained, and the orange one how many links you’ve lost. This is one of the more important charts to look at as this gives you a macro view of where the domain stands from a link perspective.

With the use of free tools like Ahrefs, you can analyze any domain and get a good, albeit rough, idea of where the domain sits on the spectrum of domain authority.

Have questions? Leave a comment, we’re more than happy to help.

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